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Mission Statement of the ELC
The mission of the English Language Center (ELC) at ALHOSN University is to prepare students for success in an academic English speaking environment. While the classes are specifically designed to develop the skills necessary for the successful completion of the TOEFL and IELTS examinations, there is an additional objective of equipping students with the study and language learning skills needed for academic achievement in an English language based university.
Intensive Language Program
In accordance with the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Higher Education, students scoring less than 500 on the TOEFL or a 5 on the General IELTS examinations are required to participate in an Intensive Language Program. It is designed to suit every student’s language abilities. The classes are aimed at creating a community of learners that promote both independent and collaborative learning opportunities. Students experience an innovative learner-centered environment where they can develop their language skills and work towards the level of proficiency required to join the university degree programs.
The ELC divides the skills into three modules:      
  • Listening and Speaking Development
  • Reading Strategies
  • Writing Procedures
Student Services
Students in the ELC have full access to ALHOSN’s facilities, including computer labs, cafeteria and the library, the American Corner, and the English Clinic.

Testing Services
Every month, the ELC offers students, as well as members of the community the opportunity to take the TOEFL ITP paper-based test on campus. Those interested in taking the test must register at the Admissions & Registration Office one week before the test.
You must bring your Original Passport or National ID card and the receipt of payment to the test.
The test is 400 Dhs.

In addition, the ELC offers the IELTS Exam. Students can choose between the General or Academic Exam, but must indicate which at registration.
The test is 875 Dhs.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Mongi Baratli 02-407-0746 (
The current TOEFL Testing Schedule is available on the homepage

Highly Qualified Instructors
The ELC instructors are qualified and experienced professionals who have taught English as a second language internationally. All instructors have graduate qualifications as well as several years of experience teaching ESL.

Sherien Farahat Al Wakeel Instructor
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