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Why Study Business Administration?
What Career Opportunities A Business Graduate?
The Department of Business Administration offers five undergraduate degree programs, namely Business Administration specializing in
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New Specializations BBA:

The mission of the Department of Business Administration of ALHOSN University is to generate, disseminate, and apply business knowledge by engaging in high quality teaching, research, professional service, and professional development activities. Our primary goal is to educate and develop business students who possess the potential to advance to leadership positions. The Department strives to be acknowledged as the leader in undergraduate and graduate business education in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates in particular and the Gulf Region in general and among recognized peer institutions. 
The Department of Business Administration of ALHOSN University envisions that it will be recognized as one of the top private educational and high quality research university departments in the United Arab Emirates with international academic accreditation, attracting the best students, faculty, and staff.
Drawing on the University beliefs, the Department of Business Administration is committed to the values of:
  1. Honesty, integrity, and dignity in our interactions with colleagues and students, and seek to act in accordance with the highest standards of professional ethics at all times.
  2. Sanctity of educating our students; we welcome the responsibility of working with students to facilitate their learning in a high quality educational environment.
  3. Freedom of inquiry in the process of research and intellectual scholarship; we seek to expand the knowledge of our discipline by conducting valid, timely, and relevant research and to disseminate this knowledge through teaching, intellectual contributions, and service activities.
  4. Continuous improvement in all areas; we seek to update programs, develop faculty and staff talents, and locate opportunities for new program development.
  5. Human diversity and global community; we seek to prepare students to work in a diverse world to compete in a global environment.
  6. Collegial environment that fosters openness, respect, ethical behavior, acceptance of diverse opinions, and a strong sense of commitment to higher education in United Arab Emirates.
  • Equips students with skills and competencies in the core functional areas of Business (i.e., Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Management).
  • Exposes students to Management and Economic theories, and concepts which underpin many business decisions.
  • Prepares students for an effective professional and managerial career in a global business environment.
  • Focuses on developing a well-balanced personality, strong business acumen, sensitivity to diverse cultural values amidst the challenges and advancement in the global business.
  • Develops student’s capacity for critical thinking and to integrate knowledge across different disciplines.
  • Develops students with effective quantitative, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills and inculcates teamwork to enable them to emerge as successful leaders.

BBA from ALHOSN University opens up endless career opportunities for our graduates as we provide a job-oriented and innovative approach to education in order to assist you in materializing your dream career. As a business graduate, apart from being self employed you can work for public and private sectors either locally or internationally

Personnel Manager
Quality Control Manager
Marketing Manager
Operations Manager
Sales Manager
Customer Service Manager
Retail Manager
Department Manager
Business Manager
Hotel/Resort Manager
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Services Director
Restaurant Manager
Sales Consultant
HR Interviewing Specialist
Director of Labor Relations
Training and Development Director
Employment Recruiter
Director of Human Resource
Information Specialist
HR Assistant
Employee Counselor
Business Analyst
Marketing Coordinator
Director of Employee Relations
Director of Personnel Research
Marketing Associate
Field Market Research Interviewer
Public Relations Manager
Marketing Assistant
Promotions Assistant
Sales Representative
Director of Public Relations
Governmental Organizations
Health Care Institutions
Insurance Companies
Marketing Firms
Consultancy Companies
Stock Markets And Advertising Agencies
Construction Companies
Real Estate Agencies
Retail & Other Service Agencies
Manufacturing Firms
Non-Profit Organizations

  • International Business, BBA (International Business)
  • Business Administration in International Economics, BBA (International Economics)
  • Business Administration in Human Resources Management, (BBA-HRM)
  • Business Administration in Marketing, (BBA - Marketing)
  • Business Administration in Finance, (BBA - Finance)
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