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The Bachelor of Urban Planning at ALHOSN University is a unique program in the United Arab Emirates. It responds to the growing need for adequate planning in view of the rapid local urban growth along with the associated housing, transportation, social and environmental challenges. The program stresses planning as problem-solving activity oriented toward the future with special emphasis on the built and natural environment and on improving the quality of life.

The four-year curriculum consists of general and specialized professional planning lectures or seminar courses, a sequence of studio‌ courses, and professional practice (internship). Studios are real-world projects worked on by students in small groups. They provide students with an opportunity to try out techniques of urban planning in creative team setting. Substantive material is not limited to courses in city and regional planning, but additional disciplines such as geography, ecology, sociology, economics and politics are also integrated into the core learning material in order to provide students with a multi-disciplinary approach in effective urban and regional planning.

The primary goal of undergraduate planning education at ALHOSN University is to introduce beginning students to the general knowledge required by the profession, as well as to ground students in physical, computer, graphic design, and communication skills. All students in the Urban Planning program participate in a summer internship opportunity which permits students to have a semester of meaningful professionally-related experience integrated with their academic study on campus.
Urban planners develop solutions for many of societys pressing problems, providing a variety of services to cities, towns, emirates, regions, and private clients interested in changing their physical, economic, or social structures. A planner may generate plans fro housing the poor, create jobs, design public parks, preserve historic buildings and sites, or resolve traffic congestion and environmental problems.
Adnan Husnéin Assistant Professor

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