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Management Information Systems (MIS) is an applied discipline that studies the processes of the creation, operation, and business contexts and consequences of management systems that manipulate information. The creation and operation of such systems requires the sub-processes of systems analysis, design, development and management which are bracketed at the beginning by business context and at completion by business consequences.

Education in Information Systems has traditionally dealt with building competencies in systems analysis, design and management, which has in the past separated it from Computer Science, and Software Engineering in particular, which concentrate on computer program development. However more recently it is the foregrounding of the brackets around the technical competencies, along with their expansion into new technologies, that is, business context and consequences of information systems that is a significant differentiator of the Management Information Systems discipline from allied disciplines of Software Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

  1. To contribute to the development of the IT industry through high quality education of Science, Business and Engineering graduates.
  2. To improve the skills and competencies of the IT industry by introducing graduates with a diversity of skills drawn from a large cross-section of the Humanities and the Social Sciences.
  3. To develop a research program that significantly contributes to understanding optimal ways of integrating Information Technology into our individual, societal and organizational ways of life.
  4. To contribute to the development of the IT industry through the exchange of ideas, principles and practice by consulting to the industry and involving industry representatives in research and education programs.
  5. To contribute to improvement in the use of IT in other disciplines that use Information Systems for their professional needs and development.
  6. To develop in students the values of intellectual vitality that enables them to be creative about meeting the organizations information needs.
  7. To develop MIS students management knowledge and skills to enable them to use information technology tools to meet management needs both individually and organizationally and.
  8. To prepare MIS students for an entry-level position in the MIS field who value the principle of lifelong learning.
Fadia Hegazy

Associate Professor
Chair of Management Information Systems (MIS) Department

Omer Ishag Eldai Mohamed Assistant Professor
Teaching Assistants And Administrative Assistants
Huda Kindi

Acting Director of the American Corner, UAE/Abu Dhabi

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