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Faculty of Mohammed Bin Khalaf for Culture, Heritage, and Social Sciences
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Social Sciences Department
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Social Sciences Department
The Department of Social Sciences is a service department of faculty who are currently teaching undergraduate general requirement (UGR) courses in the fields of psychology, sociology, and political science.  Courses in the social sciences are intended to provide our students with a solid foundation in the liberal arts and to complement their major degree programs in business and engineering.
FAS 106    History of Sciences
FAS 108    Ethics
FAS 109    Human Rights in Law and Shari’ah
FAS 220    Understanding Society
FAS 230    Introduction to Psychology
FAS 300    Industrial Psychology
FAS 310    Human Behavior in Cross Cultural Context
FAS 320    Sociology of Work 
Alexander Soldat
Assistant Professor in Psychology/Sociology
Coordinator of Social Sciences Department 
Al Haj Salim Mustafa Assistant Professor

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