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Kamel Ghorab
Office of The Provost

1982, State University of New York, USA

1977, State University of New York, USA
1964, Cairo University , Egypt

Selected Publications
2006 - The Effect of System Appropriation-Related Factors on Successful Implementation of Data Warehousing-Revisited
Authors: Kamel Ghorab
The Midwest DSI 2006 Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, March 21-24, 2006.
2002 - The International Conference on Business
Authors: Kamel Ghorab
The Hawaii University, Honolulu, June 11-15, 2002.

  • The Effect of Decision Support Systems Efficiency and Effectiveness on Competitive Performance

  • The Impact of Technology Acceptance Considerations on System Usage and Adopted Level of IT Sophistication

  • Linking Information Technology and Business Strategic Factors

  • Environment, Organizational Strategy, Structure and Organization Performance Relationships

  • Identifying the Factors that affect the Data Warehousing Success

  • Investigating the Strategic and Operational Problems Associated with Employing Business Intelligence Systems in Industry.

Department Honors: With Distinction, State University of New York.
  •  The Best MIS Paper Award, The Western Decision Sciences Institute, April 1995, San Francisco, California.

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