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Alexander Soldat
Social Sciences Department
Faculty of Mohammed Bin Khalaf for Culture, Heritage, and Social Sciences

Psychology, 2001, University of Alberta, Canada

Psychology, 1993, University of Alberta, Canada

Selected Publications
2001 - Colors, smiles, and frowns
Authors: Soldat, A. S., & Sinclair, R.C.
External affective cues can directly affect responses to persuasive communications in a mood-like manner without affecting mood. Social Cognition, 19, 469-490.
2000 - An electoral butterfly effect
Authors: Sinclair, R. C., Mark, M. M., Moore, S. E., Lavis, C. A., & Soldat, A. S
Nature, 408, 665-666.
1995 - A postsample cue to forget does initiate an active forgetting process in pigeons
Authors: Grant, D. S., & Soldat, A. S.
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 21, 218-228.
1950 - Incidental moods, source likeability, and persuasion
Authors: Sinclair, R.C., Moore, S. E., Mark, M. M., Soldat, A. S., & Lavis, C. A
Liking motivates message elaboration in happy people. Cognition and Emotion.


Models of the effects of affective states and non-mood-related affective cues on cognitive processes and social judgments, attitude formation, research methodology, and applications of social cognition.

  1. Best Research Presentation Award (IPA), 2006

  2. Operating grant (Faculty Research Committee), 2003-2004

  3. Department of Psychology Teaching Honor Roll, 1999, 2000

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