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PO Box 38772
Abu Dhabi, UAE

T +971 2 407 0522
F +971 2 407 0599
ALHOSN University Alumni Association

About the Association

The ALHOSN University Alumni Association’s (AHUAA) primary purpose is to connect and reconnect graduates of the University through a diverse set of activities and experiences aimed specifically at fostering and nurturing the graduate’s support for the University.

The AHUAA assists alumni in fulfilling their responsibility to enhance the growth and development of ALHOSN University. Alumni are an integral part of the University community, with an equally important role as faculty, students, and staff. The AHUAA is the primary means by which AHU alumni participate in and contribute to the ongoing life of ALHOSN University.

A strong, vital Association provides the framework to facilitate the recruitment of alumni talent and resources, to support the achievement of University objectives, to represent alumni interests and concerns, and to recognize alumni contributions to the University community, the United Arab Emirates, and the world.

AHUAA Constitution & By-Laws

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