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In this section, we will provide you with information that will help you moving in to UAE.

  1. New Employee HR Requirements

The HR Dept. will email you certain required documents that needs to be filled at your earliest convenient. These documents include forms to be filled, documents to be submitted and information to be provided to the HR Dept. A checklist will also be emailed to you.

We appreciate your fast and prompt response in getting these documents and forms filled. Please read the guidelines below for the documents of both you and your sponsored family members.

All documents are to be emailed in a colored clear shape to the HR Department upon request.

  • Passport copy: Must be at least 6 months valid. Copies must be emailed as a clear colored copy to the HR Dept. Please make sure to name each passport copy with the appropriate family member name.
  • Photos: Must be clear, face-shot, .jpeg format, recent with white background.
  • Employment Form (Security Check): As required by the government law, all candidates must be screened and accepted before starting the employment. Hence, it is highly encouraged to submit this form shortly after receiving it by email. All fields are necessary to be filled. Missing fields will result in a delay in the process. Your employment is subject to the successful results of the Employment Form (Security Check). You will be notified by the results once received. AHU reserves the right to withdraw the offer and stop the employment if the results of the security check were negative.
    Updates: New regulations states that a copy of the Recent Education Certificate must be attached with the Employment Form (Security Check) and must be fully attested and translated into Arabic.
  • Recent Education Certificate: Your most recent education degree must be attested, translated into Arabic and then emailed to HR. The original  document must then be mailed to the HR Dept. Please refer to the attestation section below.
  • Official Transcript: of your highest and most relevant degree must be sealed and mailed to the HR Dept directly from the issuing institution.
  • Marriage Certificates: if your spouse will be residing in UAE under your sponsorship, an attested marriage certificate is required. Please refer to the attestation section below.
  • Children Birth Certificates: if your children, who are below 18, will be residing in UAE under your sponsorship, an attested children birth certificate is required. Please refer to the attestation section below.
  • No objection letter from sponsor: For a female employee who are sponsored by her father/mother/sister/brother, a no objection letter is required. It is a letter that is signed by your sponsor that he/she has no objection for you to work in ALHOSN. The letter must be in Arabic. All male employees must be under the sponsorship of ALHOSN.
  • Last appointment letter ( Or Experience Letter/s): A letter from your most recent employer indicating your working period and position.
  • Academic Rank Promotion Decree (for faculties only): A copy of your Academic Rank Promotion from the issuing University for the ranks of Associate and Full Professor. An experience letter that shows the rank is not applicable. The official Decree of promotion is required.
  • Departure airport: The airport from where you will be departing to UAE.
  • Criminal Background record:
    • Outside UAE: From your country of residence over the past three years.
    • For UAE Residence: Good Conduct Certificate from Abu Dhabi police.
  1. Attestation of Documents

This process takes long time to get done so you would better start as early as possible to avoid any delay in your visa process.

Your documents must be either in Arabic or English. If your documents are in a different language please make sure to translate them first before the attestation.

Your Most recent Education Certificate (i.e. PhD, Masters or Bachelors) must be Attested/Notarized by :

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs & UAE Embassy of the country you graduated from.
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. AHU will take care of this step.

Your Marriage certificate and Children birth certificates must be Attested/Notarized by:

  1. Country of Origin Embassy & UAE Embassy in Residence place
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. AHU will take care of this step.

The cost of attestations other than the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not reimbursable.

  1. Visa & Sponsorship Process

Every male employee must be sponsored by ALHOSN University. Female employees can remain under the sponsorship of their parents or spouses. . If your male child is over 18, he can’t be sponsored by you but by his employer or University if he is studying in UAE. Male children who are over 18 are not included in the University provided benefits (i.e. School allowance & insurance).

AHU will process your Employment Visa first then followed by a Residency Visa that is stamped on your passport. After that AHU can proceed with your sponsored family members who will be permanently residing with you in UAE. AHU will not issue visas for family members who are not residing with you in UAE.

Certain nationalities can enter UAE with a visit visa using their Passports. If your are not from these countries, then we must first process your Employment Visa.

Our PROs will proceed with your documents for the Employment Visa Process, one it is ready we will send you a scanned copy by email. You should print it out and hand it over to the immigration officer upon your arrival to UAE.

You will be required to have a blood test soon after your arrival. It is a UAE visa regulation that all employees are tested for HIV, Hepatitis and various other infectious diseases. Our Drivers will take you for the test, then our PRO will bring back the results within three days or less, depending on the process.

Before you go to the hospital, you should take a copy of your passport, your employment visa and four (4) passport sized photo. The cost of the blood test is approximately AED 250 and is reimbursable by ALHOSN.

And finally, the whole visa process normally takes about four (4) weeks to complete.

  1. Shipping Address

AHU does not have a policy for shipping cost reimbursement.

You can ship your belongings to the following Address

  • Mr. Mahmoud Deria
    • Mobile: 0506723987
    • ALHOSN University
    • Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • PoBox: 38772
    • Consignee/exporter number: 549037
  1. Costs

AHU will pay the cost of the Employment Visa and the Residence Visa for the employee, and the Residence Visa and Visit Visa for the employee's spouse and up to three dependent children.

Extra costs associated with the lack of documentation will not be covered by AHU.

The employee is also responsible for all costs involved in certifying, notarizing, attesting and translating documents.

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