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Air Tickets

At this point, you should have already notified the HR Dept. by your airport of departure. We will book your ticket as well as your sponsored family members who will be permanently residing with you in UAE. AHU does not cover air tickets for family members who are not going to reside in UAE.

If you have been offered the job inside UAE, you are not eligible for the one way beginning of contract ticket.

If you have been offered the position from outside UAE, You and your dependent family member are eligible for a one way beginning of contract ticket , the route will be from your country of residence to UAE. An Air Ticket Form request should be filled and submitted to the HR Dept. The e-ticket will be forwarded to you once issued. The charges of changing of travel date due to your preference after confirming the ticket will not be paid by AHU.

AHU books a direct flight to UAE, however in case of unavailability of direct flights we will try to choose the best convenient route from your country of residence to UAE . We will forward the initial booking details to you before we confirm the ticket to insure the flight timing and route is convenient to you.

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