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Reinforced Concrete Competition

The 2nd summer semester was an exciting period for the Civil Engineering students that were registered in the Mechanics of Structural Materials class that is offered by Dr. George Markou. A total of 28 students participated in the concrete specimen competition that foresaw the design and development of a standard concrete mix in attempt to achieve the highest uniaxial compressive strength of a cube specimen.
The 7 teams that were formed for the needs of this competition, were given the same materials to work with (cement, sand, gravel and water), while they had to research and come up with the optimum proportions in order to construct a cube concrete specimen. All teams managed to construct their cubes on time and allow them to cure for 18 days. 
The students had to predict their specimen’s uniaxial compressive strength at the day of the test, while each MPa that their cube was able to carry during the experiment offered them 1 point. The team that would manage to get the most points from the load prediction and the maximum cube strength, was the winning team. After the completion of the uniaxial compressive tests, team number 5 managed to get the highest points and get first price.
The winning team members were:
  1. Mohannad Jamal (Team Leader)
  2. Haitham Issam
  3. Ahmed Akoul
  4. Saeed Bakir
  5.  Ahmed Abdu
  6. Mohamad Azhari
An exciting summer with new experiences for all the participants, which illustrated dedication and passion throughout a demanding competition and a very hot summer. They gave their best efforts and for that they all deserve our applause. Congratulations to everyone!

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