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Civil Engineering Seminar

Dr. George Markou , Assistant Professor , Civil Engineering Department , in association with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, delivered a seminar for all Structural Engineers working at the Municipality, relating to reinforced concrete structures modeling and design assessment. The subjects discussed referred to seismic resistance design of structures through the use of ReConAn FEA, a software developed by Dr. Markou.
The Engineers that participated were introduced to the latest technology with regards to  the assessment of reinforced concrete structures under seismic loads while discussing the possibilities of analyzing and assessing structures by modeling full-scale soil-structure interaction problems. After the completion of the seminar the Engineers proposed different methods of applying this new technology to help solve their problems when it comes to assessing existing buildings and how it can be used as an assessment tool to provide answers for citizens of Abu Dhabi seeking answers to their structures’ stability.
The session was closed by Eng. Osama who expressed his appreciation to Dr. Markou as an invited speaker to the Municipality.

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