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ALHOSN Reading Club takes part in ‘Abu Dhabi Reads’ initiative


As part of ALHOSN University’s commitment to social and cultural events and to supporting the ‘Abu Dhabi Reads’ initiative, The ALHOSN Reading Club recently hosted a meeting under the theme ‘Reading and Cultural Development’. The meeting was attended by Prof Hassan Mustapha, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences; Mr Khaled Mustapha, Advisor to H.E. Khalifa Mohamed Rubaya Al Muhairi, Chairman of the ALHOSN University Board of Trustees; and a group of faculty members and students.
The event commenced with a speech by Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hassab El Nabi, Chair of the Education Department and Supervisor of the Reading Club, who compared some statistics about published international and Arab books and pointed out the great disparity in figures. He further shed light on the crucial role of education in promoting reading, which significantly contributes to social development and progress. Dr. El Nabi also commended the ‘Abu Dhabi Reads’ initiative for the remarkable social impact it has had so far.
The meeting featured a selection of students’ readings, spanning scientific, literary and fiction books, and discussed the subjects of these books in length. The Club also welcomed the Sudanese poet Dr. Samira Al Hajj, who is currently visiting the UAE. The audience expressed their admiration for Dr. Samira’s reading of some of her renowned poems. 


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