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AHU continues community awareness campaign with visit to ‘Estirahat Al Shuwwab’

ALHOSN University visited the ‘Estirahat Al Shuwwab’ home for the elderly in Dubai as part of its ongoing series of community awareness campaign. University students and staff members had previously visited institutions for special needs and autism to support the underprivileged strata of the community and to attain self- development and personal growth to complement their academic education. 

In its latest trip, 16 female students from ALHOSN University were given a tour of the facility by the head of the center, who also explained the nature of their work. Participants interacted with the elderly residents, gave them gifts and shared poetry and songs.

“Our elderly need caring attention, love, understanding and support, and our visit came as per Islam’s instructions to be kind and loving to the elderly in our community. The elderly gave us a great deal of care and attention when we were young, and yet we often neglect them. It was very fulfilling for us to see them happy and enjoying the attention we gave them during our visit. This experience has inspired me to seek better ways to help the elderly and other needy members of our society,” said Enas Khalil, student at ALHOSN University.
‘Estirahat Al Shuwwab’ is located in Mamzar, Dubai. Aside from accommodating permanent residents, the facility has an outpatient section where the elderly can come to participate in various social activities.

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