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Architectural Enginneering Site Visit to Al Aziz Mosque


ALHOSN Architectural Engineering students visited the construction site of Al Aziz Mosque in Al Reem Island on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. The mosque architecture offers a unique synergy between Islamic architectural patterns and modern design techniques. Students examined various building materials, structural systems, and construction methods used in the mosque. The project manager briefed the students on the cutting-edge technology used in the prefabricated façade panels that utilize fiber optics and LED lights for all Qur’anic inscriptions. Students inspected installation methods, mechanical systems, and marble fittings on walls and ceilings. They also experimented with installing some marble panels on the floor and developed a better feel for materials and construction.  
Students invariably comment that seeing “how things work in the real world” improves their architectural design skills and understanding of building systems. Dr. Kashef, the Chair of Architectural Engineering said that “great education begins but does not end in the classroom. The learning acquired in field trips and site visits, which have become an established tradition in Architectural Engineering, provides students with a bridge between theory and practice and equips them with necessary skills that facilitate their entry into the professional world”.


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