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The Department of Architecture has hosted a seminar to discuss the experience of the students in BDP stand for cityscape

The Department of Architecture has hosted a half day seminar to discuss the experience of the architecture students in the construction of BDP stand for cityscape Abu Dhabi last April.

The seminar that has been inaugurated by a talk of the university’s vice Chancellor, Prof. Sabouni, was also the occasion for Arc. Nadine Nakkasha, head of BDP Abu Dhabi, to present the company’s objectives to the audience. The students involved in this experience, launched by BDP under the title: “spaces for people”, were also invited to deliver their feedback about their experience. The session was ended by the distribution of certificates and gifts to the students who expressed their vivid wish to participate in similar projects in the future.
“The Department of Architecture at Alhosn University is keen to create and develop strong relationships with the professionals in Abu Dhabi and in the rest of the country. We consider essential for our graduates’ success to get involved with the profession while they are still in the university”, said Dr. Naima Benkari Chair of the Department of architecture at Al Hosn university.


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