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7th Wooden Bridge Competition

On the 21st of March, the 7th Wooden Bridge Competition was held at the American University Dubai (AUD). ALHOSNs Civil Engineering Department participated in this competition for the first time and sent a five member team of undergraduate students under the supervision of Dr. George Markou. The ALHOSN team chose the name “ALHOSN Elite” and consisted of the following students:
  • ·         Hussein Ali Bark (Team leader)
  • ·         MHD Eyad Siraji
  • ·         Modar Hussein AlHawarna
  • ·         Ahmed AlSbakhi
  • ·         Mohamed Hassan
The competition’s rules required the construction of a 2 meter span wooden bridge, with a limited amount of materials provided by the organizers. The team had to design and then construct the bridge with the aim of carrying the maximum feasible load in relation to the bridge’s weight. In addition, the team had to present its calculations for predicting the failure load of the bridge. The ALHOSN Elite team was the only team that managed to satisfy all the committee’s questions in relation to the prediction load calculations demonstrating their strong theoretical and analytical knowledge. The total number of participants in this competition was 20, emanating from seven different UAE Universities and one University from Oman.
After the completion of the failure test of the ALHOSN Elite’s bridge, it was found that the maximum strength the bridge managed to carry was 773 kg (the bridge weight was 8.15kg), which was the 5th largest load at the competition and had the 10th overall ratio. The bridge loading procedure was stopped due to the maximum deflection of the bridge which was 5 centimeters (maximum allowed) thus it was the only bridge that did not fail due to the loss of structural members.
 A second round of loading was then performed so as to force the bridge to fail, but the loading system did not manage to make the bridge fail at the global level this was due to the bridge’s ductile behavior which resulted from the student’s balanced design added to by the detailed construction that took place at the ALHOSNs laboratory entirely by the ALHOSN Elite team. This forced the loading system to extend to its maximum length being unable to apply additional force to the bridge.
It was a great day with mixed feelings but nonetheless a unique and full of excitement for the ALHOSN students who represented our University with great character, leadership and ethics.

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