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The impact of Translation on the Media


On the 29th of September, The English Department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at ALHOSN University hosted a Seminar titled “The Impact of Translation on the Media,” presented by the Translator and Media Coordinator Mr. Mohamed Sa’ad from Emirates Heritage Club. 
The event was attended by H.E. Prof. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University; Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Prof. Hassan Mustapha, Chair of the English Department. University Instructors, guests and students were in attendance.
The presentation covered varied topics related to the field of Translation ranging from types of written Translation to difficulties translators face because of factors such as context, audience and the way the information is conducted. Mr. Sa’ad also touched on the fact that translators are expected to be honest and careful in transferring the information since any small difference may be misleading to the target audience.

Mr. Sa’ad wrapped up his presentation by giving real life examples from his own career; what issues he dealt with and the people he met.
At the end of the lecture, Prof. Munther Momany presented Mr. Mohamed Sa’ad an ALHOSN crystal logo as an acknowledgment of his contribution.
Prof. Hassan Mustapha also gave him a Certificate of Appreciation. 


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