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ALHOSN University addresses challenges faced by Al Gharbia’s education sector at 2012 Universities Fair

ALHOSN University recently participated in the 2012 Universities Fair – Al Gharbia to discuss the major challenges faced by the region’s education sector.
The two-day fair began in Madinat Zayed City and then proceeded to Al Gayathi City. Participants included almost 30 universities and 1,148 students who were introduced to the Western Region Development Council’s explanation of its Strategy Map. A Higher Education overview of Al Gharbia and the broader Abu Dhabi market was also presented.
ALHOSN agreed that there was a significant lack of awareness on Al Gharbia’s development plans. The university also shared concerns over the lack of education and career advisory services, the high number of student drop-outs and the lack of scholarship programs as well as sponsorship to education programs. Another challenge tackled was the irrelevance of existing education programs. ALHOSN noted that its philosophy of ‘global knowledge with local vision’ suited Al Gharbia’s efforts to expand its educational domain and broaden its commercial base without compromising its unique cultural heritage.
“Al Gharbia is home to seven major cities and is turning into a tourism hub due to its diverse wildlife and beautiful geography. It offers a lot of economic and business potential. But while several achievements have been accomplished, more still needs to be done especially in the educational front. Through our world-class curriculum and our focus on meeting actual industry requirements, ALHOSN University aims to play an important part in helping the youths of Al Gharbia reach their full potential and contribute to their community’s accelerated growth,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, ALHOSN University.


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