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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences holds its 8th seminar titled “The Iraqi Civil Society”


Dr. Mohamed Jawad, an Associate Professor in the Social Sciences Department discussed the concept and the history of Iraqi Civil Society and also the time it began to grow. Civil society refers to voluntary activities that are arranged by charitable and non-profit organizations which support social issues, education and labor, among others.
Dr. Jawad described the duties of the of civil society organizations in Iraq in cooperating with the government and protecting the interests of its members based on scientific, ethical and or cultural considerations.
He concluded by suggesting recommendations that could be implemented by Iraqi Civil Society organizations.
The seminar was attended by Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Alhaj Salim Mustafa; Director of the University Library, Dr. Teirab AshShareef; Chair of the Education Department, Dr. Hassan Al Samarrai; Director of the Continuing Education Center, Dr. Saleh Al Nusairat; Director of the UFP and UGR Coordinator, and other Faculty members and staff.    

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