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State of the art Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures


The American Corner of Abu Dhabi and the Department of Civil Engineering hosted Dr. George Markou for a public seminar titled “State-of-the-art Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures”.
Dr. Markou presented 3D models that were developed and analyzed in his recent research work, including a 3D detailed model of the ALHOSN University female campus and a full-scale seismically isolated pre-stressed reinforced concrete bridge.
Through his presentation, Dr. Markou explained the challenges of modeling reinforced concrete structures by using the latest scientific knowledge and numerical models. The importance of developing a software that will be able to provide accurate predictions on the mechanical behavior of our structures was highlighted, while he explained how this technology can be used in order to create a safer environment here in the UAE and other countries. One of the most important applications that was addressed during the discussion phase of this seminar, was the historical buildings’ safety from potential hazards like earthquakes and the abilities of the developed technology to provide answers towards protecting our heritage.
The session was attended by Dr. Marco Savic; Provost of Quality Assurance, Prof. Mama Chacha, Dean of Engineering, Dr. Adnan Husnéin, Director of the American Corner of Abu Dhabi, several faculty members of the AHU and a large number of students.
After the completion of his seminar, Dr. George Markou received a crystal logo from the Director for the American Corner of Abu Dhabi, Dr. Adnan Husnéin, as a token of appreciation for his valuable contributions to the University and the American Corner of Abu Dhabi.


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