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IIE Student Chapter Trip to Ghuzlan International Group


The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Student Chapter at ALHOSN University in coordination with the department of Industrial Engineering have organized a field trip to a local, leading furniture manufacturing company, Ghuzlan International Group, located in ICAD 1 in Abu Dhabi. This visit reinforces the continued effort to bridge the gap between academia and industries, and introduce students to real-world applications of industrial engineering.
During the visit to Ghuzlan, faculty and students met with the Group’s CEO, Mr. Yousef Ghuzlan, Factory Manager, Eng. Faleh Alhajjaj, and a group of industrial engineers and technicians. After a brief introduction about Ghuzlan’s mission, vision, and core values, the Group’s engineers presented the significant role industrial engineering plays at Ghuzlan. Eng. Alhajjaj guided the visiting students and faculty through an informative tour to learn more about Ghuzlan production system. The students learned about the dynamic interaction between several production departments such as inventory, manufacturing, quality, sales, and final assembly.

After the tour, a couple of ALHOSN industrial engineering students (Ibrahim Abu Saleh and Abdallah Yassin), who just completed their internship at Ghuzlan last  summer, presented part of their work on “time study” and “job training”. The students and faculty discussed with the Group’s managers and engineers industrial engineering-related solutions and suggestions to help improve production, minimize cost, and satisfy customers. At the end of the visit, ALHOSN students and faculty expressed their gratitude to Ghuzlan Group for their time, collaboration, and hospitality.



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