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The Reading Club hosts the promising writer Maysoon Khalid


On Sunday, February the 23rd, the Reading Club at ALHOSN University hosted the author Maysoon Khalid, to present a collection of her short stories “The Pink Ribbon”. The lecture was attended by Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the founder of the Reading Club, Mr. Khalid Bin Qaqah, Journalist from Sultan Bin Zayed’s Culture and Media Centre, and a large number of students.
Dr. Mohamed Saeed opened the lecture by discussing Maysoon Khalid’s character as he described her writing skills unique and distinguished from others. Her writing methods are distinctive where the reader can sense it clearly while reading her short stories.
Maysoon Khalid achieved many recognition certificates for her excellence in writing and poetry. A collection of stories, titled “The share of the beasts” was published in 2006, as well as many other articles, stories and poems in various magazines and journals.
The lecture concluded with a lively audience discussion and Dr. Mohamed Saeed presenting Maysoon Khalid with a crystal logo and a certificate from the Reading Club as a gift and to recognize her outstanding talent.      

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