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Department of Education Students Visit the National Center for Documentation and Research

A delegation made of students from the Department of Education visited the National Center for Documentation and Research in Abu Dhabi. During this visit, they learnt about the history of the center as well as its role in documenting historical events and the successive stages which the UAE went through since its creation.

The session began with a movie that documents the historical development of the UAE, as well as the growth and prosperity achieved, which exceeded all the expectations of its rulers and people. The students then visited the exhibition at the center, where Mr. Hassan Musabi, researcher at the center presented the documentary mapping and official historical correspondence between past rulers. He also presented different historical stages symbolized by weapons, equipment, fishing gear, models of ships, and memorial photos of the rulers of the UAE.

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab El Nabi, Head of the Department of Education, accompanied ALHOSN students on the trip and was delighted at the  opportunity  to become acquainted with the history of the UAE and the efforts exerted by the leaders who made tremendous sacrifices to ensure the prosperity and success of this country.

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