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Students of Architecture visited Masdar Institute of Science and Technology


As part of the extended curricular activities that the Department of Architectural Engineering holds continuously, students visited Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) at Masdar City on 20th Dec, 2010 (male Students) and 23rd Dec, 2010 (female students).
The field trip has been scheduled as the case study on the “ARC 314 Building Performance” course, taught by Dr. Marko Savic.  The course examines the importance of building performance evaluation in terms of physical and economic aspects. Masdar City and Masdar Institute of Technology are planned to rely on renewable energy sources with a zero-carbon,  zero-waste system. Buildings in Masdar city are considered to have high building performance rates.
The trip also included a brief presentation about Masdar Initiative by professor Toufic Mezher, an experimental use of the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) by the students and a tour of the different facilities at MIST.

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