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Urban Infrastructure Systems: Field Trip

Watani Residential Development Project

The Civil Engineering Department and the Society of Women in Engineering at ALHOSN University (SOWIE) organized a field trip for students to the Watani Residential Complex Project on March 1, 2012. The students were accompanied by Dr. Rafik Al-Sakkaf and Teaching Assistant Eng. Israa Hammouda, both faculty members at the Department of Civil Engineering.  

Owned by Sorouh, the project is a residential development of more than 700 luxury villas. Phase 2, which is under construction, is composed of 400 luxury villas with all services and utilities.  Upon arrival, participants were greeted by the Project Manager Dr. Kaddaj Said of Al-Rakha Construction Co. and Eng. Younis Hammouda, General Manager of Tetra Construction Co. Tetra, the infrastructure contractor for the project.  The focus of the field trip was on the stormwater and the sewerage networks. Dr. Kaddaj Said introduced students to the major phases of the project, while Tetra staff provided a guided tour and explanation of the activities and techniques of constructing stormwater and sewerage networks.


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