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Future of poetry in the world: a strong start for the Reading Club this year

ALHOSN University’s Reading Club recently hosted the poet and critic Dr. Mohamed Weld Abdi, an adviser at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture. Dr. Abdi discussed an important issue being raised on the cultural scene: "The Future of Poetry in the World: Towards a Digital Horizon." The event was attended by H.E. Prof. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University; Dr. Adel Khleifi, Academic Provost; Dr. Mohamed Kashef, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research; Dr. Khalid Hayari, Dean of Student Affairs; Dr. Mohammed Said Hasab Elnaby, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the supervisor of the Reading Club; and Dr. Hassan Al-Samerrai, Director of the Training and Continuing Education Centre. A number of faculty members, staff and students were also present.
Prior to the event, Dr. Elnaby guested in Abu Dhabi TV’s ”In Abu Dhabi”  Program where he talked about the various activities offered by ALHOSN University and the events that have been organized by the Reading Club since its inception in 2010. He also shared the club’s vision of hosting intellectuals, writers, poets, those interested in heritage and history, and talented kids and adults.
During the TV interview Dr. Elnaby also touched on the topic of the Future of Poetry in the World, emphasizing that poetry is one of the finest creations of humanity. He referred to Arab poetry in particular as very exceptional in terms of meaning, imagination and creativity.  He added that poetry reflects the moral image of civilization.
Dr. Elnaby added that today’s writers face the challenge of bringing poetry closer to a younger generation which has varied interests and hobbies and does not normally regard poetry with great interest. He said that the Reading Club is trying to play a role in highlighting such important issues and finding appropriate solutions.
In his own lecture, Dr. Abdi presented a summary of Arabic literature through the ages starting from its existence until the modern era. He explained that the dawning of the digital age has had a major influence on the development of poetry.  He introduced a growing trend among young people to make what he termed ’digital poems.’  This modern form, Dr. Abdi said, has the potential to help maintain interest in poetry among youths as it suits their thoughts and concerns.
Lively discussions followed, including concerns aired by Prof. Momeni on the protection of the Intellectual Property of poets on the internet. He explained that texts can be added or deleted to works uploaded on the web, thus negatively impacting original literary creations. This, he said, requires new safeguards for literary and poetic works. Prof. Momeni also compared the development of poetry to the historical evolution of architecture. Dr. Mohamed Kashif pointed that the development of the Poetry throughout the ages is very similar to the development of the Architecture.  
Prof. Jamal El-Din Lowessat; one of the audience from the College of Business, also discussed the important role being played by the UAE in collecting and preserving literary and poetic heritage and presenting it to today’s readers.
At the end of the gathering Prof. Munther Momany handed Dr. Abdi a plaque of appreciation from ALHOSN University for his valuable contributions to the literary arts. The Reading Club also gave him a Certificate of Appreciation for enriching the organization’s activities.


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