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Projects for Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow

ALHOSN University and the University of Florence held their first joint student architectural exhibition on March 15th and 16th at ALHOSN University campus in Abu Dhabi. Focusing on emerging trends in contemporary sustainable design, the exhibition showcased ultra-modern cutting-edge student design ideas that integrate sustainable building technologies and urban development practices. The event aimed to broaden collaboration between the two universities under a comprehensive academic agreement that involves student exchange programs, faculty exchange, and joint research projects. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Giorgio Starace - Ambassador of Italy to the UAE - accompanied by his wife, and His Excellency Khalifa Al Muhairi, the Chair of the Board of Trustees of ALHOSN University.
The exhibition featured the works of the universities’ students along with key lectures from Prof. Marko Sala, the Director of Interdisciplinary Research Center at the University of Florence and Dr. Mohamad Kashef, the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, ALHOSN University. Professor Sala discussed innovative design and energy controls needed to create better, safer, and sustainable environments and Dr. Kashef addressed the applications of Nanotechnology in the building industry and sustainable design.
ALHOSN University students and faculty engaged the students and faculty of the University of Florence in a critical discussion about best sustainable practices in architectural design. The architectural exhibit served as a platform for ALHOSN Architectural Engineering students to showcase their skills and exchange design ideas with the University of Florence students. It has been a great opportunity for both institutions to be part of a global network of universities that embed sustainable design principles in their curricula. “Such events emphasize the present and future potentials of our students,” said Prof. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University.
Named after Abu Dhabi's historic ALHOSN Palace, ALHOSN University was founded in 2005 by the Abu Dhabi Holding Company in response to growing local demand for high-quality, value-based educational institutions. The university offers 18 undergraduate and 11 postgraduate degrees under the Faculties of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business, and Arts and Social Sciences. ALHOSN accepts students of all nationalities and also accommodates youths with special needs. All its programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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