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The Federal National Council Research Forum

The Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates organized its first research forum titled “Scientific Research Pillars and Prospects in the UAE” on March 23, 2014. Representing ALHOSN University, Dr. Mohamad Kashef, the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby, the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, participated in the conference discussions, which focused on the challenges and impediments of scientific research in the Emirates.
The forum participants discussed the opportunities and means to develop a higher capacity in scientific research, which would direct and support the country’s economic and social development strategy. They addressed various issues related to research funding, dissemination, and publication output from academic institutions and research centers in the UAE. The participants emphasized the potential positive impact of research on economic, technological and societal development aspects that include, but not limited to, health, energy, business, food, environment, housing, built environment, heritage preservation, water resources, as well as national security.
There has been a unanimous agreement among participants on the urgent need to increase research funding opportunities, both from the public and private sectors in order to enhance the Emirates standing amongst other nations that invest heavily on research such as Korea, Finland, Japan, the United States, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, which utilize research as an engine of economic growth and human development.

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