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WP-Based Method for Image Indexing and Retrieval

Dr. Saif Zahir -Software Eng.
Dr.Zahir received his PhD degree in ECE from the University of Pittsburgh. He is involved in research in the areas of image compression, image retrieval and indexing, wirelesscom, graphics, mobile computing, m-learning and corporate governance. He authored more than 75 journal and conference papers.
Dr.Zahir is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Corporate Governance; the editor-in-chief of the International Journal on Signal Processing. He has served on TPCs and chaired numerous technical sessions in Int’l Conferences.

Large multimedia databases and digital images archival systems are being created in government, military, academia, and business. Efficient methods to retrieve images from such large databases have become indispensable. In this research, we present a novel wavelet packet (WP) based method for image identification and retrieval that enables the recovery of the original image from a database even if the image has been subjected to geometric transformations. Simulation results show that our method is extremely fast and has perfect image retrieval rates from an image database of 7,500 images within 8 seconds . This method is robust and can be used for real time image retrieval.

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