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American Corner’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week at ALHOSN

The American Corner at ALHOSN University hosted its 2ndBreast Cancer Awareness Campaign on October 22, 2013. The event commenced with the opening remarks by Mrs. Rekha Pillai, the American Corner Co-Coordinator, who introduced the Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University and CEO, Prof. Munther Momany. In his welcome address, Prof. Momany emphasized the American Corner’s active involvement in promoting the well-being of the community through socially responsible initiatives such as Breast Cancer Awareness Week 2011, Earth Day 2011 & 2012, representing the USA in Small World 2012, Abu Dhabi’s first Volunteer Fair 2012 and Alzheimer’s Awareness Campaign 2013. He also highlighted the significant role of the American Corner in furthering the partnership between the US Embassy and ALHOSN University.
Prof. Munther welcomed all guests and participating hospitals which included Burjeel Hospital, Gulf Diagnostic Center (GDC), New Medical Center (NMC) and Universal Hospital. As a part of welcoming the guests, the Vice Chancellor stated “We all know that medicine has a proud history of identifying problems and then solving them and your acceptance to attend this event makes it clear to the community that professional health care groups always serve as a catalyst for improving care and eliminating disparities.” He also welcomed representatives from the US Embassy, Friends of Cancer and Patients (FOCP) and thanked them for gracing this occasion. 
Ms. Pillai briefed the attendees on how the American Corner has been very fortunate to support FOCP during 2011 and 2012 by actively collaborating with other organizations, individuals and bodies to raise proceeds worth AED 10,000 in 2011 and AED 13,000 in 2012. 
She further explained that proceeds collected on the day of the event from the bazaar and the sale of magnetic ribbons would be donated to the Friends of Cancer Patients; a charitable, volunteer-based foundation operating under the umbrella of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, UAE.
Ms. Reema Tabbara, Administrative Coordinator of the Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), emphasized about the importance of educating the public about preventative measures and early detection to reduce the risk of cancer and to allow for successful treatment.  The audience viewed a humorous yet informative cartoon clip on the services provided by the Pink Caravan, UAE breast cancer awareness initiative courtesy of the Friends of Cancer Patients charitable organization.
This was followed by an expert panel discussion which included Dr Rhonda Miller, 
US Gynecologist and American Board Certified, NMC Hospital; Dr. Abeer Sawwaf, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon for Breast Implants and American Board Certified, GDC Hospital; 
Dr. Saleena Moideenkutty, Gynecologist, Universal Hospital; Dr.Ghada El-Sherbiny, General Practioner, Universal Hospital; Dr. Nabil Debouni, Medical Director, Burjeel Hospital; Dr. Radia Khan, Consultant Internal Medicine and American Board Certified, Burjeel Hospital and the moderator Ms.Srividiya Iyer, Head of the Department of Physical Therapy, Burjeel Hospital. The panel discussion focused on spreading awareness on the root causes, precautionary measures, reconstructive surgeries, estimated expenses and the symptoms related to the disease. Continuing the discussion, Dr. Nabil Debouni enumerated elaborated on the threats of  breast cancer in males. 
The event concluded with the presentation of tokens of appreciation to the management for their the consistent support provided to the American Corner during the previous years since its outset. Dr. Nabil Debouni, Medical Director, Burjeel Hospital ; Ms. Heather Smith, Hospital Administrator, Bright Point Women's Hospital, New Medical Centre , Ms. Swetha Menon, Marketing representative, Universal Hospital and, Dr Abeer Sawwaf from Gulf Diagnostic Center accepted the tokens. The panelists were also provided with certificates of appreciation. The curtains for the event were drawn with a grand lunch. More than 100 female students attended.
The American Corner was officially inaugurated at ALHOSN University in January 2011 to promote mutual understanding and an exchange of ideas between the United States and the United Arab Emirates by providing access to current and reliable information about the US by way of books and DVD collections, internet databases, and local programs open to the general public. The American Corner of Abu Dhabi City is one of 490 American Corners world-wide, one of three in the United Arab Emirates, and the first American Corner in the city of Abu Dhabi.

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