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Architecture students Projects for ALHOSN campus improvements

Architectural Engineering students have developed design proposals to improve ALHOSN University campus. Students worked over the fall term of 2010 to craft urban and landscape design ideas for both male and female campuses and the areas in-between. The projects represent the major part of the Urban Design Studio taught by Dr. Mohamad Kashef, Chair of the Architectural Engineering Department. The Urban Design Studio allows students to examine large-scale urban developments, pedestrian movement patterns, and visual elements of public squares. Students created very interesting designs for sitting areas, fountains, shading structures and amphitheaters as well as landscape and trees to enhance the character of campus outdoor spaces. One of the most significant aspects of this exercise was giving students the opportunity to improve their own campus and think about practical issues related to their study in the current university campus. The students shared their ideas with Vice Chancellor, Abdul Rahim Sabouni on Sunday, December 11, 2010. Professor Sabouni discussed some specific design proposals with the design teams and was pleased to find that Architectural Engineering students are engaged in real-world design exercise. One important byproduct of the project was the enhancement of team-work skills among students, who worked in groups to realize their ideas in the final project.

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