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8th Seminar: Faculty of Engineering

Technology has recently become a vital factor in the teaching of mathematics. Yet, a key issue remains how technology could be ultimately used to support students in reaching a better understanding of Mathematics and to design meaningful learning experiences. In Geometry, forms of software known as Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS), is proved to be useful in realizing such a purpose. In an attempt to examine the possible effects of DGS, specifically Cabri, on a learning situation, a learning/teaching sequence on Similar Triangles was developed to integrate the use of DGS, then piloted and clinically analyzed to investigate its effect on a pair of 8th grade Lebanese students’ learning and problem solving strategies.
Results showed that meaningful learning took place and knowledge was gained. Furthermore, DGS helps in reinforcing a wide variety of skills and the evolution of mathematical problem strategies, and those skills would be transferred into a computer-free environment. The study brought forth an important finding that properly designed tasks based on constructivist approach and supported by DGS can help in reaching a better learning of mathematics, the acquisition of essential mathematical skills and the integration of topics at an earlier level than expected in the curriculum.


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