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The benefits of ACCA (UK) membership for faculty and student

On 17th November 2013 the Departments of Finance and Accounting organized a seminar titled "The benefits of ACCA (UK) membership for faculty and student”, which was presented by Dr Samy Nathan Garas, Head of Business Development – Universities & Schools, ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UAE,. The seminar began with an opening speech by Dr Taimur Sharif, Chair of Accounting and Finance Departments. Then Dr Afaf Mubarak, Asst Prof. in Accounting, introduced the guest speaker to the audience and highlighted the major achievements of the speaker in the academic and professional fields of Accounting. The main aim of the presentation was to introduce ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification from the UK and highlight its importance as a professional recognition in Accounting internationally.
The speaker explained how the ACCA qualification is different from other qualifications such as CPA, CA, CMA, etc. and the worldwide acceptability of this qualification by 8500 prominent employers all over the world who are directly connected with the ACCA.
The seminar was attended by the Vice Chancellor Prof Munther Momany, Dr Hazem Marashdeh Dean of Business, a few faculty and staff members as well as students from the Faculty of Business and the session was concluded with an interactive question and answer session.


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