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The Teaching Profession: Basic Principles

The Department of Education hosted a presentation under the title “The Teaching Profession: Basic Principles”, by Professor Mahmoud Kamel Al Naqa, Professor of Education, Member of the Arabic Language Academy and President of the Egyptian Association for Curriculum and Methodology. 
The presentation was attended by Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, who welcomed Professor Al Naqa and thanked him for his contribution.  Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor & CEO of ALHOSN University, pointed out that the university is keen on teaching as a profession that has deeply rooted principles requiring commitment and dedication. He stressed the university’s firm belief that, as a profession, teaching is entitled to constant support in the context of other roles played by the university such as academic research and community service.
Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Nabi, Chair of the Education Department, expressed his gratitude to Professor Al Naqa for his presentation on the subject. Students of the Department of Education stand to benefit from discussions related to their training and preparation as future teaching professionals.  Historically, teaching has been a cornerstone of moral leaders and prophets who took on the responsibility of guiding humanity towards the right path in the same way a teacher guides learners to knowledge and education. 
Professor Al Naqa’s presentation dealt with the basic concepts of teaching as a profession and explored skills of concern for teachers.  Other significant aspects reviewed by the presentation were concepts and practices such as Input, Method, and Strategies. Misunderstanding of these aspects and practices could lead to confusion as reflected in the performance of teachers and to deficiency in the acquisition of knowledge by learners.
Following the presentation, Professor Sabouni presented a certificate of appreciation to Professor Al Naqa as well as a token souvenir of his visit and valuable contribution.
This was the second visit by Professor Al Naqa to Al Hosn University.  His first visit and presentation last year dealt with principles of academic research and qualities that characterize research as well as common pitfalls found in the work of researchers.


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