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End of Semester Appreciation Ceremony

The Management Information Systems Department at ALHOSN University honored its outstanding students during its Appreciation Day held at the American Corner on May 30, 2013. Dr. Fadia Hegazy, Department Chair, and Prof. Kamel Ghorab handed out certificates and gifts to the distinguished students for achieving academic excellence and acting as role models for their peers. The students were commended for their commitment and efforts in maintaining high standards throughout the academic year.
"I would like to express my appreciation to our elite knowledgeable students for doing their best to excel and learn to be good students and good citizens. The time they have spent at ALHOSN is crucial in preparing them for a future in MIS, based on academic university programs. For them to be recognized today is a testament to their exemplary academic endeavor. Throughout their MIS study, they have displayed excellence in various academic areas as well as exhibited the ability to become long life learners. Thus, they embody Mahatma Gandhi’s saying, ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever.’" 

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