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ALHOSN’s Education Department visits Abu Dhabi Centre for Care & Rehabilitation in Al Mafraq

The Education Department at ALHOSN University recently visited the Abu Dhabi Centre for Care & Rehabilitation (ADCCR), one of the biggest centres affiliated with the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs.
(ZHO) is an independent government organisation established in 2004 to provide social and humanitarian services to people with special needs in Abu Dhabi in order to enhance their active participation in society. The organization encourages volunteer work in the field of human services through intensive educational programs and continuous improvements to the quality of its services.
The visit is part of the ALHOSN Education Department’s ongoing activities geared towards people with special needs. Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab Al Nabi, Department Chair, accompanied the student delegation, which was introduced to the many services of ADCCR aimed at improving the quality of life and employment of the less fortunate.
The delegation met ADCCR Director Mrs. Haya Abdullah Bani Hammad, who gave a presentation on the activities and services of the Centre. She explained that the institution not only offers full care for people with special needs, but also provides complete rehabilitation services to help place them in equal footing with other productive members of society. 
The visit concluded with a tour of the Centre’s premises led by Mr. Ahmed Al Amoudi, Head of Public Services Unit. The students were introduced to the different services of the Centre, including Physiotherapy Services, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Psychological and Social Counselling Services and Vocational Training and Inclusion Services. These are provided to more than 500 students under various categories of special needs classified into six main sections: Hearing, Sight, Movement, Mental Development, Early Intervention and Technical Training.
“We are amazed by the distinctive and exceptional services and care provided by ADCCR to one of the most important segments of the society. We can only commend the Centre for its ongoing efforts to provide social and psychological support to students with special needs and to prepare them to take part in society and contribute to its development,” said Dr. Al Nabi.
Dr. Al Nabi handed the University shield to Mrs. Hammad at the end of the visit in appreciation of the Centre’s dedication to people with special needs.
ALHOSN’s field visit to the Abu Dhabi Centre for Care & Rehabilitation is one of the many humanitarian activities organized by Prof Hassan Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The university has sent various delegates to centres for people with special needs such as the Abilities Development Centre and Emirates Autism Centre.

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