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The Reading Club celebrates World Day for the Arabic language

In cooperation with the Association for the Protection of the Arabic language in Sharjah, the Reading Club of ALHOSN University celebrated World Day for the Arabic language by giving a lecture titled: "The decline of the Arabic Language : reasons and solutions".
Dr. Mohammed Saeed El Naby president of the Club, examined the reasons behind the current decline of the Arabic language: the general linguistic weakness, the methods used for teaching it, the competition of other languages, and the lack of incentives for learning Arabic.
The audience discussed a number of proposals, which included: working on the selection of academically outstanding students and have them specialize in the study of  Arabic, the use of efficient educational methods to teach it, the activation of the role of the family in order to make their children like the Arabic language, as well as other proposals.
The meeting was attended by His Excellency Prof. Munther Talal Momany, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Adel Khelifi, Provost, as well as a large number of faculty and staff members and students of the university.
The meeting ended by  honoring the organizing  Committee for the forty-third National day of the United Arab Emirates, and the  students of the Department of Education who contributed greatly to the success of this distinguished event.


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