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MATH PLACEMENT TEST SCHEDULE Summer Semesters 2015/2016 (Male and Female)


Important Notes:-
1.  The above mentioned dates are only available for the previous mentioned semester.
2.  There will be limited seats in each date; 20 for Male students and 20 for Female students.
3.  The student should pay “50” AED non refundable.
4.  The student can transfer the exam fees “50” AED before the date of the exam he/she decided, upon submitting an official request before the exam date. Otherwise the student will have to pay another 50 if he/she decides to postpone the exam without notifying the Admissions & Registration Personnel.
5.  For the new students: it is the responsibility of the Admissions & Registration team to notify students that there is a Math exam and to assure that the student will take it.
6.  If the student has SAT exam or has taken a Math course in previous University/College, he/she has the right to fill a request form to be sent to the Dr. to decide about exempting the student from the Math test.
7.  If the student has already transferred the Math course; he/she would be automatically exempted from the Math test.
8.  All students must sit for the Math exam except Master Students; Students with Graduate Certificates, Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Education in Arabic and Islamic studies. 

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