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Avoiding Possible Legal Risks: The case of IP, Plagiarism, Copyright, and Trademarks


The American Corner at ALHOSN University hosted a presentation on Tuesday, June 7th 2011 titled “Avoiding Possible Legal Risks: The Case of IP, Plagiarism, Copyright, and Trademarks” by Dr. Saif Zahir, Visiting Associate Professor at ALHOSN University. This successful talk showcased Dr. Zahir’s impressions of Intellectual Property and copyright issues that are repeatedly encountered by faculty, trainers, and professionals.  He stressed the many legal issues and risks involving various e-courses and the reproducing and quoting of material for research. The presentation also provided a set of guidelines to help academicians avoid potential legal risks. The presentation and discussion were then followed by a question and answer period.
Prior to Dr. Saif’s presentation the winner of the American Corner Logo Competition was announced and shown with the official launch of the American Corner website. The logo winner, Ms. Salma Ikbarieh, was officially congratulated by ALHOSN Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni and presented with the award. To see the winning logo and learn more about the American Corner visit our website now!


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