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Western Region Development Council and ALHOSN University join ranks on Al Gharbia’s education agenda

ALHOSN University affirmed its full support for the educational development plans of the Western Region Development Council (WRDC) during the first-ever ‘Al Gharbia Universities and Colleges Fair’ held recently in Abu Dhabi’s Al Gharbia region. 
WRDC, the central coordinating body tasked to oversee development and promote opportunities in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, organized the fair to familiarize students from Al Gharbia region and its vicinity with educational programs and scholarship prospects from top universities. The Council invited ALHOSN University to showcase its career paths furnished through its 11 undergraduate and 7 graduate programs.
During their tour of the Madinat Zayed City and Ghayathi City wedding halls, ALHOSN officials took the opportunity to cast light on their various extra-curricular activities and social and environmental advocacies.
Al Gharbia is home to the largest oil refineries and fertile farms in the country. It thus needs the right manpower to sustain its development and enhance its competitiveness. ALHOSN is committed to helping the Council build, attract and retain local talent by introducing Al Gharbia’s young talents to its educational programs and instilling its philosophy of ‘local growth with global vision’.
Through partnerships with major organizations such as ALHOSN University, the Western Region Development Council aims to achieve its four major goals, which consist of economic and social development, enhancement of infrastructure, promotion of investment, and improvement of enterprises.

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