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Annual Software Engineering Department Gathering

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, the SWE Department conducted its annual gathering at ALHOSN University’s Male Campus.  Dr. Samia, Dr. Adel, Dr. Maher, Dr. Hassan El Malky, Mr. Murad, Mrs. Haifaa and Mrs. Amal were all in attendance along with a number of male and female students.   The meeting served as an informal forum for students and faculty to discuss issues pertaining to student’s education, department events and future planning of their studies. It was also an opportunity for faculty members to introduce themselves to new students. A presentation prepared by Mr. Murad highlighted  SWE department events.  Students were encouraged to voice their concerns, suggestions and ideas to improve the current program.  Dr. Samia took this opportunity to stress the issue of student-faculty advising.   She explained how students may benefit immensely from their advisors by gaining valuable information on how to plan successfully for their graduation. In addition, Dr. Adel explained to students the importance of the ABET Accreditation that the Department has received.  The friendly, laid back atmosphere allowed open discussion between students and faculty, and furnished an ideal platform for discussing issues with honesty and openness. Dr. Samia and Dr. Adel also accentuated the importance of the new internship course, as well as the myriad workshops available to them throughout the year. Besides, students were encouraged to participate in the extracurricular activities that occur throughout the year, such as field trips and seminars. The meeting was concluded by cutting a cake in celebration of the ABET accreditation.

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