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Software Engineering Trip to twofour54

On Thursday March 15, 2012, the ALHOSN Software Engineering Department faculty and students had a wonderful visit to twofour54 , a famous Media Company in Abu Dhabi. They received a warm welcome by the twofour54  team, headed by Ms. Nada Al Midfa.

The trip started by visiting the Green Building, where the visiting team attended an informative and exciting presentation about the aims and services of twofour54 ,  and how they are related to the Software Engineering field.  The speaker emphasized the importance of Software Engineers, even stating they are the new ‘doctors’ of our technology era.   Later, the students were taken to twofour54 Tadreeb Building and Laboratories, where they saw how graphics and animations were accomplished in media, similar to the well-known Cartoon Networks Channel.

Subsequently, students visited the 3D Lab, where they were introduced to the 3D technology in media, and the software and hardware associated with it. They also viewed a short, unique 3D film created by a local talent.  Students were also escorted to see the Vintage room and an On Air studio where twofour54 staff thoroughly explained the process of recording and broadcasting on air. Afterwards  they visited by the Sound and Montage Lab, where they witnessed how to add the sound effects over videos through cutting-edge software and equipment.

At the end, a group photo was taken and the tour guide of twofour54  was presented with a token of appreciation from the ALHOSN University SWE Department.  Students left twofour54  enlightened about the media field and how it is closely related to Software Engineering. Students were accompanied by Dr. Samia Loucif, Ms. Haifaa Kattan, Ms. Amal Aboaziza, and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab.


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