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Five minutes, one topic: Students compete in a public speaking event at ALHOSN University

The Faculty of Business in partnership with the American Corner organized a public speaking competition where students were given an opportunity to speak out on a couple of environmental issues ranging from the environment and development, to our responsibility towards sustainability, and overpopulation vs. overconsumption. The overall aim of the competition was to promote the skills, confidence and desire to speak in public. Contestants did their best to impress the judges who had to pick three winners. Muhammed Ibn . Salahuddin (International Business) took first place, Mohammad Tahir Khan (Mechanical Engineering) came second, the third place went to Wafaa Moustafa (Architecture). Other participants included Abdulla Haji (Management Information Systems), Roah Sadaka (Urban Planning), Huda AbdulKhader (International Business) and Liana Yassin (Civil Engineering).
In the end, one person went home with the prize money, but the organizers said everyone went home wiser.
Many thanks to the jury members: Dr. Fadia hegazy (Chair of Management Information Systems Department), Dr. Radia Benzehra (Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), and Dr. Saleh Al Al Nusairat (Assistant Professor, Education Department) for a job well done.
Dr. Adnan Husnain, Director of American Corner anchored the competition. Dr. Taimur Sharif, Dean of the Faculty of Business, and Prof. Kamel Ghorab, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, graced the occasion with their presence. 

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