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ALHOSN Students Participate in the ALHOSN Readers’ Cup Contest

ALHOSN students participated in the final phase of a 5-month long Readers’ Cup, a 3-part reading competition which ran from December of 2010 culminating in a Contest Show (April 24th & April 25th).
A total of 30 students from both the male and female campus participated in the elimination reading round of the Readers’ Cup from December 10th to March 31st.  Out of the 30 original students, a total of 17 students became finalists.  Each of the 17 finalists received a required book to read.  Intermediate students were assigned “Who Moved My Cheese” and advanced students were given the classic American novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  The students had approximately 3 weeks to read their books and then competed against each other in last week’s Contest Show.
The contest show consisted of 30 multiple-choice questions compiled by the ALHOSN Reading Committee comprised of Dr. Hassan Belhiah, Mr. Richard Baltus, and Ms. Amanda Tinnin.  Each student had 10 seconds to answer each question.
In the female campus, both contest show competitions went to “sudden death” rounds with competitors facing off for an all-or-nothing win.
Intermediate competitors Lutfa Akhter and Amira Alshenawi were pitted against each other in the last round.  It was Amira Alshenawi who won the competition after answering the final tie-breaking question correctly.  In the advanced female competition, a three-way tie between Sara Raad Al Ameri, Laila Habib Harb, and Btol Zuhair Mohammed Sheikh was broken with the last question in the sudden death round with Btol emerging as the victor.  This is the second university award for Ms. Sheikh, who won the first prize in this month’s mural design competition.
In the male campus, the final round of the intermediate competition had upperclassman Abdul Aziz El Jechi compete against Mahmoud Abdullah al Mahmoud, with the former being the victor.  In the advanced male competition Adnan Talal Mayassi won the top prize having swept all three rounds and achieving a perfect score.
Many of the participants are already anticipating the next competition.  The members of the Reading Committee are hoping for an even better turn out for the second edition of the Readers’ Cup.  Stay tuned!


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