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Desalination Technologies and Costs By Dr. Corrado Sommariva


On Thursday April 24th 2014 the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department organized a seminar at ALHOSN University titled « Desalination Technologies and Costs » presented by Dr. Corrado Sommariva.
Dr. Sommariva is Managing Director of ILF Consulting Engineers Middle East and the head of the company’s worldwide desalination practice. He has experience in thermal, reverse osmosis and wastewater systems and has served in various roles in all the major desalination developments in the Middle East.
In his presentation He pointed out the importance of water desalination in the world, and in particular in the GCC countries. This is due to both water scarcity and the economic development of the region. Dr. Sommariva explained the basics of water desalination technologies: Thermal Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) and Multi Effect Distillation (MED) and membranes (Reverse Osmosis and Electro-Dialysis). He detailed for our students the thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluids dynamics, and other concepts used in Desalination. He gave also a general idea of the basic design of such plants. He spoke about several desalination plants in the region such as the Al Taweelah plant in Abu Dhabi and Al Fujairah one. These plants face several operational problems such as scaling, corrosion, etc. Different methods can be used to solve these problems with the right choice of material and pre-treatment systems.
The final part of his presentation concerned the economic assessment of the produced water. In this part the different components of water cost were detailed: Capex (Capital cost) and Opex (Operational cost). Many factors can affect the water cost such as seawater composition, characteristics of the site, water intake, cost of energy in the country, etc. Hence an adequate choice should be taken for the best technology for the site based on the different criteria.
The event was attended by the Vice Chancellor Munther Talal Momany, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dr. Mama Chacha, the Chair of MIE Dr. Tawfiq Jaber along with many Faculty members, Staff and students.


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