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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences starts series of seminars


The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is organizing a series of Seminars that are conducted by its’ members. Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences emphasized that it is necessary to encourage one another and contribute to this event by sharing ideas and thoughts to create a community of like-minded professionals.
The first seminar took place on Thursday, February 6th and was conducted by Prof. Gregory Mavrides, Chair of Social Sciences Department. The title of the Seminar was “Exploring the Spectrum of Mental Health to Mental Illness”; it addressed many interesting topics and one of them was “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”. The lecture was very useful and exciting to all attendees because it dealt with things that we all go through almost on a daily basis.
The lecture was followed by a session of questions, comments and exciting discussion. The attendees were: Prof. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Adel Khelifi, Provost for Academic Affairs, Dr. Marko Savic, Provost for Quality Assurance and Development and Prof. Hassan Mustapha, Chair of English Department and Director of Master of Education program and many other Instructors.

On behalf of Dr. Mohamed Saeed; Prof. Hassan Mustapha welcomed everyone and thanked them for their presence and valuable input.


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