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Field Trip to DuPont Company


On Monday, February 7th , 2011 the students of Material Sciences (IND) and Studio III (ARC) accompanied by their instructors Dr. Noha Hassan and Dr. Naima Benkari visited the UAE offices of DuPont Company.
Mr. Tony Azzam, Business Manager at DuPont Building, gave a riveting presentation about the company and its innovations. After that, Ms. Arc. Marie Azbini, from the Department of Landscaping, spoke about the materials manufactured by DuPont for landscaping projects. The students also listened with great interest and delight to the presentation of Eng. Mohammad Kaafarani about “Corian” the latest production of DuPont in construction materials. The students were fascinated by the integration of this material in several iconic projects in Abu Dhabi
After the lunch break, the students went for a trip to the Sharjah unit where furniture and other appliances are manufactured using “Corian”. Students and instructors cherished the opportunity to learn more about the numerous applications of the Corian.
At the end of the visit, students, instructors and DuPont representatives made a pledge to further develop the collaboration between ALHOSN University and DuPont Company for a sustainable built environment in UAE.




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