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Prof. Raymond's presentation

The American Corner at ALHOSN University hosted a presentation on Monday, April 23rd  2012 titled “The Beauty of Mathematics: A Personal Journey” by Professor Raymond Tennant, ALHOSN Provost and Professor of Mathematics. The presentation evolved out of an initial inspiration from Ahmed Al Suwaidi, President of the ALHOSN Student Council. Prof. Raymond described his journey as a mathematician from an early career as a stoneware potter to an academic career in pure mathematics to travels around the world in search of intriguing patterns, ornamentation, and their cultural meanings.
Mathematicians and mathematics teachers alike often use the word beautiful to describe the work they do and the courses they teach. The common thread that runs throughout this presentation can be described as a search for this Beauty of Mathematics from exploring artistic geometry and abstract topology to developing interdisciplinary courses in visual mathematics and finally to searching for cultural and historic connections to mathematics. This American Corner event was so well attended by students and faculty that an encore presentation was scheduled on May 1st.

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