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First Book Fair of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Under the auspices of Prof. Munther Talal Momany , Vice Chancellor &  CEO of ALHOSN University,  the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences organized its first Book Fair in collaboration with the Library of ALHOSN University, from 20 to 24 October 2013. 
 The opening was attended by Prof. Munther Momany Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Adel Khelifi Provost for Academic Affairs , Dr. Mohammed Saeed El Naby Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Haj Salem Mustafa Director of ALHOSN Library, Mr. Wael Mousa Marketing Manager of University Library Shop in Abu Dhabi City , Dr. Mohamed Kashef Dean of Graduate Studies and Research , Dr. Khalid Hyari Dean of Student  Affairs , Prof. Gregory Mavrides Head of The Department of Social Sciences , Prof. Hassan Mustafa head of the English Department , Dr. Tawfiq Jaber  Head of the  Industrial and mechanical engineering Department, Dr. AshShareef Teirab Head of the Department of Education , Mr. Khalid bin Kaka chief editor of the magazine Al Elam wal Asr, and representatives of the Emirates Heritage Club , as well as  a large number of faculty members , students and university staff.
The University Library has participated in this exhibition, which displayed many aspects of literary, religious, cultural, and educational knowledge, together with novels from world literature both in English and Arabic. The exhibition included also books addressed to university students, faculty and staff with regard to self-development, cultural and general knowledge as well as the education of children and adolescents.
This is the first exhibition for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and as such it reflects the commitment of the University to the cultural, cognitive and intellectual development of its students, faculty members and staff. Prof. Munther Momany emphasized the role of these events in the cultural development of the students and expressed his satisfaction with the diversity of the book titles in the exhibition as it comes in line with the logo of ALHOSN University and its goal of a “comprehensive knowledge with local vision.”
Dr. Mohammed Said El Naby pointed out that book fairs play an active role in encouraging “Reading” among students, which is considered as one of the pillars for promoting civilized nations. “We chose to bring the Book Fair to the university in order to be close to the student, rather than have the students go to it as it is usual, and this is a choice made by the University to motivate students to read and gain a diverse and rich knowledge, this is the reason why we hope that this exhibition is organized every year on an ongoing basis.” Said he.
At the end of the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Munther Momany awarded an ALHOSN Crystal Logo to the Director of the University Library Shop in Abu Dhabi City in recognition of his effort and contribution to cultural life in Abu Dhabi. He was also given a certificate of appreciation from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, for the premium services provided to the students of the University.


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